Remarkable company

Delivering the best customer experience in online marketplaces

We are UndiQ, a remarkable company located in Rotterdam. We are build upon technology, entrepreneurship and marketing. We are continuously looking to do the right things right. With remarkable people, simplicity and fresh coffee.

Everything done ourselves

UndiQ comes from the latin word "undique", meaning "Everywhere, from all sides". We think everything can be done from everywhere. We approach this from all sides by working on all our concepts from the beginning to the end ourselves. Most of all we are techies and marketeers. Together with one common goal: to create things which we are proud of. This is what makes us happy. We call ourselves a start-up, but we have been in de market for years.

What we do is being remarkable

Creating the best customer experience and delivering the right things right.
UndiQ tries to stand out from the crowd. Adding value in terms of customer experience, ease of use and doing the right things right. This by making do with whatever is at hand.
In return our customers show a high rate of satisfaction. As we put it “it's about being remarkable as a company”.

Our services

Delivering the best customer experience. Right.

Our products

We love our products. We take them very seriously. We do not create crap. We have designed them from scratch. We have been sewing a lot. It's technical. Find the marketing below.

The power of independence

We operate independently and effectively. We go for high customer satisfaction by creating the right things right. If we shoot, we shoot for the moon.